PAK Aaqib Javed slams the standard of coaching in PSL

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Dec 8, 2020
Former Pakistan cricketer Aaqib Javed has expressed his concerns regarding the coaching standards and the state of affairs in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Aqib highlighted the lack of professionalism in the hiring process of coaches by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

"It's not about jealousy, it's about mindset. If you look at the past 10-12 years, apart from Mickey Arthur, PCB has not hired any professional coach. In the entire world, when there is an advertisement for coaching, the first requirement is usually a Level 3 plus qualification, followed by 4-5 years of international experience,” Aaqib said.

“PCB hires a person first and then the advertisement comes according to that person. So when you don't correct your advertisement, then anyone can apply, then what is the criteria?" Aaqib questioned.

Aaqib reiterated his stance that decisions should be made based on merit, highlighting the need for qualifications and experience to be key factors in hiring decisions.

"I have always said that you should create merit and make decisions based on it. Without any qualification, without any experience, if a person has not coached for a single day, you hire him as head coach. This is not criticism, this is saying that you should do your job professionally," he further added.

Moving on to the Pakistan Super League season nine, the Lahore Qalandars head coach criticized the recently concluded season, stating that it falls short in various aspects such as cricketing standards, pitch quality, and crowd engagement.

"This PSL season was not commendable in any aspect. If you look at the standard of cricket, if you look at the standard of pitches, if you look at the crowd involvement, then this time you didn't see anything," he concluded.

It is worth noting that in the recently concluded PSL, Lahore Qalandars had a disappointing performance, failing to live up to their past successes. Out of the ten matches they played, they suffered defeats in eight, managed to secure a win only once, and one match was washed out due to unfavorable weather conditions.



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Dec 7, 2020
Dude forced his pdp jobbers all season and is now criticizing the standard of cricket played 😂


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Dec 9, 2020
Man coached his side to ANOTHER last place finish in a league where the other teams were supposedly low quality. What does that say about him...


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Mar 9, 2021
irony GIF

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