Match Thread Pakistan vs New Zealand | 3rd ODI | Karachi | 13th January 2023

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Sep 3, 2021
This is where SR is a massive issue in this side. They said tuk tuk era is over.
Pak's biggest issue is not fixing and identifying roles in their playing XI, they've royally screwed the test side and doing the same here.

Agha is your one player showing continued consistency and should be tried at 4 but given Rizwan's form just now i'd say Agha should be at least no. 5. Haris can bowl as well, why wasn't he even given the ball at any point?

Pak were missing a good finisher like you said, i would've liked to have seen Tayyab play but to have given Usman the role of finisher was hilarious, silly heroics from him.
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