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Dec 7, 2020
Welcome to @PSLDynasty League Season 3!

so let’s get the biggest draft competition of CorneredTigers on its way. PLEASE READ EVERY WORD OF THIS OP VERY CAREFULLY!

Our first job for this season, as usual, is to announce our retentions for this season.

++++++++++ CRICKETWEB COMPETITION KEY: 1675537102 ++++++++++


  • For our season 3 of PSL Dynasty League i.e. for HBL PSL 8, each of our CT franchise would retain maximum 6 players from their last season's franchise squads.
  • Each franchise can retain max 2 players from platinum and max 2 players from diamond category. They would be allowed to retain as many players from other categories as they like.
  • You have to announce your retained players in this very thread.
  • The retentions would be as per the latest Players Contract renewals of all franchises for PSL 8 announced by PCB. The Google Doc sheet below is accordingly updated with latest player contracts.
  • Trade window will open only after the conclusion of player drafts, from whereon, we shall apply our classic PSL Dynasty trade rules to process trades between franchises.
  • There will be No RTM rule for our version of drafts.


  • Each franchise team to comprise a squad of 16 players at the drafts as per a snake order that will be decided later.
  • All the franchise teams will carry a squad combination of max 3 Platinum Players + max 3 Diamond Players + any limit of Gold Players + any limit of Silver Players + minimum 2 Emerging Players from Foreign and Local Categories of current PSL roster.


  • We shall start the drafts with Platinum & Diamond categories round first.
  • 1 Wildcard entry from lower (gold/silver/emerging/supp) categories will be allowed during Platinum/Diamond round.
  • Then we’ll move to Misc. categories from Round 7 from where you are free to pick players from any category (within our franchise rules)
  • Snake order will be maintained throughout.
  • 16 rounds total, 30 minutes deadlines for each pick
  • No delays allowed. For Round 15, if a franchise misses the deadline, then a random player to be picked for that franchise by league commissioner (me)
  • Only managers with min. 25 posts in the drafts thread will be considered as a winner
  • No player replacements allowed from 12th February (Pakistan time 12am) even in case of injuries, covid, visa issues, or players leaving the tournament for whatever reason... in short, if you lose a player, you lose a player!


  • During an on-going PSL season, you would be setting up your final XI for each round as per the schedule of PSL 8 (Rounds to be announced later). After the conclusion of each round, you can modify your final XI for the next round of PSL games (No changes to be allowed during an ongoing round)
  • Final XI modifications will also be allowed before playoff phase and tournament final.
  • Captain can also be changed for each round changes.
  • Changes should follow the cricketweb rules (like no. of max modifications, team budget rules etc) or whatever website/app we shall use for this year's tournament.
  • Your final XI should have min. 3 and max. 4 foreign players; and at least 1 emerging player required

PENALTY: Any franchise found breaking the above Final XI rules will be penalized with deduction of 5% points (cricketweb/fantasy app) from their final score for each offense.


Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 5.02.00 PM.png

Number of games for all franchises in each round:

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 5.02.35 PM.png


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Dec 7, 2020
Hope everyone is aware of the draft order procedures after retention of players... get yourself familiarized from the below post in case you need to refresh your memory:



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Dec 7, 2020

Ahson and his Giantsmm in this league:



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Dec 7, 2020
@Professor hasn't even logged in since 5th jan.... he might miss the deadline.

If he doesn't submit his retentions by 8pm Friday (PST)... we'll then play the "pick a letter" game (the one we use for deciding draft order) to randomly decide his retentions

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Dec 9, 2020
Dynasty season 1 - last (only rejected XI below you)
Dynasty season 2 - last (only rejected XI below you)
Dynasty season 3 - ... (rejected XI will be confident of finishing above you this time around)

tauba tauba tauba GIF by Jaz Dhami

Just check who won the last 2 Cricket Fantasy competitions here.

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